Songs for the Deaf


Despite my fears, previous high’s of traffic on my blog have been surpassed. Whereas initial figures were like a row of bungalows on the chart, it now resembles the skyline of Manhattan. It seems there are a lot of you out there reading my thoughts and observations which is both scary and humbling. I considered myself to be well aware of bowel cancer, both the symptoms and treatments, but clearly I was not, otherwise I would not have found myself in this position. What then of the rest of the population? Why do we ignore a disease that kills 16 000 people a year? The second highest for any cancer. This is almost entirely due to late diagnosis, a result of our own ignorance of the early symptoms of the disease. The figures and facts are frightening. There’s the chest thumping I promised not to do, out of the way.

Fab Café have dumped me on Twitter, I never did like that place. I visited the I © MCR shop in the Arndale yesterday. It was inspiring to see so many shops with the posters in the window. I’m not a Mancunian, but I fell in love with the place when I was a regular visitor for work. We had an office in Piccadilly, overlooking Piccadilly Gardens. By chance I ended up here a couple of years later. I felt compelled to buy something from the I © MCR stall. A mug, fridge magnets, badges, stickers, and particularly proud to be doing so, so much that I had to put the lapel badge on straight away. I felt so proud of the way the people of Manchester responded after the recent looting. I refuse to call them riots, they were nothing of the sorts. Riots have a purpose, a cause, a feeling of the people. This was just pure greed.

Lewis arrived as expected. Good to have him here. I was still hoping that Lew could have made at least a day at Leeds, I had held onto the ticket for that reason. But it’s not going to happen so I reluctantly looked for a buyer. As usual, Twitter came to the rescue in minutes. Thankfully, I have sold it to a very nice local girl, for a very reasonable price. I’m just glad that it went to someone who would appreciate it. Jiiiim has the other ticket, I think I still owe him £50 for it, but we’ll sort that out at sometime in the future. If he sells it, good for him, if not, who cares. Coincidentally Jiiiim sent me a txt tonight, just wishing me well. (for anyone asking Jiiiim, is four eyed Jim, that’s how everyone knows him). A surprise (but not) phone call from my brother late last night, not spoken to him for 10 years, if not more. It was a surprise in that we haven’t spoken for so long, but not because I had seen a comment he had made on Facebook, he suspected something was wrong. 34 years in the Army, Phil is a major in the Military Police. Special Investigation Branch, so it’s a bit silly of me not to think he might not suspect something was amiss. He has the option of serving another 5 years, but can retire when he wants. I could never imagine myself in an institution like that for so long, but he has earned the rewards of it. Dad phoned again tonight, having taken 24 hours to digest the information I gave him last night. He wants to come up and see me before I go into hospital. That may seem strange but it is something I fully understand. There seems little point in him seeing me while I lie in a high dependency unit after major surgery. He remembers Mum when she was in that state, and so do I. I am not particularly happy with Marian driving up here, I’ve been in the car with her before. Dad is determined to make the journey, and I said I’d meet him in Manchester when the time came.

I re-visited the CD shop I found opposite HMV. It’s so cheap that it’s impossible to ignore. Another 8 cd’s today £15.99 . And only one is a duplicate. Songs for the Deaf -QOTSA.

A short entry today, I need to move the great lump that is lying on my living room floor – Lewis. Not sure what’s in store for today but the sun is shining and I’m feeling good.

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