A Take of Two Jackets


As simple as it seems, I have bought new re-chargeable batteries for my house phone. I’m not going to be beaten by this broadband. I’m going to have to find out what it is that interfering with my internet access. Virgin obviously aren’t interested.

Spent a great day in Oldham with Lewis, just rummaging around the charity shops and market. The market hall is a bit of a novelty for Lew, they don’t really have them down south. Outdoor markets yes, but I cant think of any that I know of indoors on the sunny Sussex coast. Somehow, when I’m with Lew, great wads of cash go missing from my pocket. He has the ability to make me buy things that are particularly useful for him. Spotted a great jacket in the Oxfam shop, almost identical to the one I was wearing, the one that Lew so admires. He’s told me often enough. So, I bought the jacket, even though it cost me 7 times what the one I was wearing did. So I’ve got a new jacket, and Lew has my old jacket. I think he got the better deal, quality wise it’s a far better jacket, but I just prefer the ‘newer’ one, just slightly. We also visited Gallery Oldham, in particular the work of Paul Critchley. His Step Into the Picture project studies the relationship between 3D and 2D space. Try and get to see this if you live anywhere near. Lew opened my eyes to so many things I had missed last time. As I sit here typing my thoughts away, my son is showing me how to play the Bass properly. I sit here in awe of his talent. It’s My guitar and amp, yet he makes them sound so much better than I ever can. He oozes an understanding of art in every form. Smart arse 😉

We spent the evening watching Foo Fighters, ‘Back & Forth’. Loved it. Seen the Foo’s live many many times, never disappointed , and Wembley Arena was awesome on their In Your Honour Tour. The car had packed up on me half way up the A24. AA towed me home, and only thanks to a great mate, who loaned me his 3 week old van, so Me Lew and a couple of his mates could get to Wembley. We got there in the nick of time for what turned out to be one of my favourite gigs of all time, well top ten – you can’t just pick one can you. Favourite song scenario. After that we watched Tim Vine, comedian. Laughed and laughed. A fantastic night with Lew. Spoke to Deb who’s back from Australia- shocked. I think lost for words for the first time since I’ve known her.

I’m feeling anxious about my meeting with consultant later today. It’s more about losing control than being in fear of anything. By the time many of you read this, it will have happened, and I’ll know a little bit more about this whole bloody cancer thing. I think I’m prepared for anything. It’s not the hearing about it that’s going to be painful or unpleasant. Prepare for the worst and you can only be pleased with the result. It’s probably more like “ act brave and hope nobody notices you crapping yourself”. I hope you’ll forgive the shorter entry today, there’s something on my mind. Oh and finally, and I hope not too late, I send my very best wishes for a smashing weekend to Jude and Lorraine. I know you’ll have a great time, just I wish I was with you.

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