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Another day in Manchester yesterday just underlined how much I love the place. The I © MCR campaign is in overdrive, it’s so good to see so many posters, and people walking round with I © MCR badges, hoodies, t shirts. Those stupid greedy looters don’t know how much good they have done for the city. The reason for our visit yesterday was to hand over my ticket for Leeds festival. A very sweet girl from Manchester bought the ticket (for a very reasonable price) and she was leaving for the festival later in the day. Her original plan had been to only go for the Sunday, so she was delighted to be getting the extra 2 days for nothing. I am just glad the ticket went to someone who would make the most of it. She was very excited to be going, and I know she’ll have a great time.

I took Lew on a bit of a musical tour of Manchester, former sites of all the old clubs, Factory HQ, G-Mex, Hacienda and the infamous Free trade Hall. Part of his dissertation for his degree was on the influence of Manchester music, so I hope he appreciated seeing these places for real, or in the case of some, where they used to be.

The plan was that I would meet my Dad in Manchester today, but he phoned yesterday and was obviously not well enough for the journey. I am pleased that he cancelled, I couldn’t see the logic of him making the journey when he is so frail. I’ll try and make the trip to Derby myself in the next few days. I think Dad wanted to see Lewis as well, but that’s not going to happen, which is a shame. Dad is still having difficulty in understanding what treatment I am going to have, so maybe sitting face to face with him will help him understand that better.

Yesterdays walk around Manchester and a quick tidy up and hoover of the house this morning has left me knackered. OK , it’s not a Hoover, or a Dyson, but a £20 job from Tesco, but it’s just as effective. Lewis’ washing was on the line before he had even woken up, and I’ve planted a few bedding plants in the garden to give it a bit more colour. When I first moved here, the garden was under 3 feet of snow, and almost everything underneath it had died. It’s taken me 18 months, but at last it’s looking almost respectable, and hopefully the rewards of my efforts will be more noticeable next spring.

The postman arrived whilst I was gardening, and the package from Rebecca at The Christie was delivered as promised. Lots of  literature and information regarding the specific type of cancer I have makes grim reading. The information is frank and brings home what is ahead of me. It looks like I’ll be facing more tests and assessments before chemo and radiotherapy can begin so it may be a few weeks before treatment can begin. The thought of  3 months of treatment seems daunting at the moment, and the list possible side effects does concern me. Perhaps I’ll be the lucky one and sail through it without any problems. I’m sure it will be over soon enough and will become a distant memory.

A phone call from someone asking why I had not called them back last night prompted me to check voicemails on land line phone. “You have 10 new messages…..” I’m not used to using the land line, I reserve that for cold calling sales, and normally ignore it and let it ring, working on the basis that anyone who really wants to talk to me will have my mobile. I must check more often, I wondered what that red light was.

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2 Responses to You have 10 new messages

  1. Liz says:

    I love the garden and I love Rebecca even more she is going to bend over backwards for you!
    Love you ugly

  2. Liz says:


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