Full Cancer Breakfast

A sad day as I waved Lew goodbye on his 300 mile journey home. He’ll be home within 5 hours, and that includes the trip across London and half hour wait for his connecting train at Victoria. As well as the sadness there was mutual satisfaction that we have had a great week together, despite the circumstances. We always do, we have mutual respect and understanding for each other, and enjoy the same things in life. I might also have just created another F1 fan to add to our list of mutual interests. Considering the mess that has been lying around for the last week, somehow Lew managed to fit most of it into one small bag. He left with my jacket, and a pile of my duplicate CD’s that I know I will never manage to get to Vinyl Exchange in Manchester. At least in some way it makes up for those that were his and lost when I split with M and lost my (substantial) CD collection. It’s taken a long time, but I think I’ve pretty much replaced all of them now. Lew has promised that he’ll be back soon. He has already said that the only thing stopping him from being up here whilst I have treatment is the band, and that is the one reason that I don’t want him to. I know how much pleasure playing with them gives him, and that gives me so much pleasure too.

Eating has not been the problem I expected it to be whilst Lew has been here. I’ve learned that I can just about manage a Burger King kids meal while Lew satisfies his huge appetite, and cooking at home has not been a problem either, he has done most of it himself, and I’ve not felt the least bit hungry. This morning I cooked him a full English, well as full as it could be for someone who doesn’t like beans, tomatoes or mushrooms. Begrudgingly I even took pieces of my beloved black and white pudding out of the freezer, from my favourite butcher in Fermanagh, courtesy of my darling sister, who keeps me supplied. I suggested to Lew that perhaps the full English should be re-named “full cancer breakfast” considering the processed meat involved, 2 sausage, 2 bacon, black pudding, white pudding, fried bread, all on the list of foods to avoid in preventing bowel cancer. At least it was appreciated, the breakfast, maybe not the joke.

The alarm has just gone off on my phone, reminding me that today was the initial appointment for my MRI scan before it was brought forward. I am so glad I didn’t have to wait this long, the wait would have been intolerable. As it is I am anxiously awaiting more mail from the hospital. Post weekend mail is always late, so with the added bank holiday I wouldn’t be surprised for it to be late afternoon. As I sit hear thinking this whole thing is all about waiting, I remind myself it is only 23 days since I received my cancer diagnosis. Things have really moved quickly, it’s just that sometimes it doesn’t feel that way.

For today’s dinner I’m going to try Quorn for the first time in 30+ years. The fact that it is over 30 years shows what I thought of it, but I must try and increase my calorie intake and I’m told this is high in protein, which is what I need. I just hope that it has improved in the intervening years. Until then I’m stuck with afternoon TV. The commentator in the world championship athletics, introducing the women’s pole vault final has just said “This is when it starts to get a little bit tasty” Actually, it’s be very tasty from the first round. Somehow women’s athletics has more of an appeal than men’s (shot putt & hammer excluded). Considering the alternative of Dickinson’s Real Deal, I’m sure you can understand why I’m watching the athletics. A text from Lew let’s me know he is well on the way home. A lovely message from him, something he rarely does, so I know it comes straight from the heart. I’m missing him already. I hope he remembers to give his sister the big hug from me when he gets home.

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