Another U-Turn

My usual strategy of leaving tidying up until the last minute backfired on me, as usual. The problem I have when I start to put things away is that I find more things to pull out. Sort of defeats the object really. I found some old picture frames. Well they’re not old really they are brand new, it’s just I’ve had them a long time. Then I had to look for the photo’s I was going to put into them, then I got looking at other photos, then it reminded me of……… The end result was that I didn’t get anything done as I had planned on Thursday. So I resumed Friday morning, cleaning, cooking, washing, ironing, and hopefully the place looks clean and tidy. I know when I’ve run out of coat hangers that I’ve pretty much put everything away. As I sit here, finally completed at 19.30, Debby is stuck somewhere on the M6.

Having something to do keeps my mind of my health. I am starting to find things uncomfortable, and I am still getting tired. A walk into the village proved that, I stopped twice on the way back, although the shopping I was carrying had a lot to do with that. I’m trying to stock up on things whilst I have the time. I could do it all online I know, but it gets me out, a little bit of exercise and fresh air. I even tidied the garden (a little) before the rain came down in bucket loads. I hope we don’t get too much rain over the weekend.

Some good news on the campaign for bowel cancer awareness, after Health Minister Andrew Lansley was forced into yet another u-turn on the coalitions ban on national advertising campaigns. He had already been forced to change his mind on smoking and alcohol campaigns earlier in the year when faced with evidence that the ban was costing lives. The NHS is to undertake its first ever publicity drive urging people with potential signs of bowel cancer,  the UK’s second biggest cancer killer, to visit their GP. A £4.5m initiative involving broadcast, print and other media will run across England for eight weeks from January. Pilots of the campaign earlier this year in the south-west and east of England led to a 48% rise in patients visiting their GP about suspected bowel cancer and a big rise in GP referrals to hospital. It really does save lives, false economies by the coalition, yet again.  You don’t have to wait until January of course, you can check out figures for bowel cancer here, just enter your post code

There’s plenty of other information on symptoms, booklets and fact sheets, and pretty much everything you need to know about bowel cancer. Don’t leave it until you need it.   

The awful news of the mining deaths in the Swansea Valley over the last 48 hours brings back reality of just how dangerous their work is. It’s no longer just coal, mining today is more for minerals. Nonetheless the risk is just as high. My ex wife and I used to run a country pub, right in the middle of the mining communities of South Derbyshire. We could hardly understand them half the time, they had their own language, but they were truly remarkable people, and the livelihood of so many villages and businesses relied on them. So many of the locals were disabled by industrial disease from working years down the pit, and they all knew that they relied on each other for their safety. A teacher in the local comprehensive once told me the children of the area had two choices, work down the mine or join the army. Margaret Thatcher decided to take one of those options away. Oldham itself has a history of mining, developed on the back of the industrial revolution, I bet there are few people in the area now who could say where these pits were located. There are many other areas across the country where families will be feeling the loss of such brave and hardworking men. Sadly, most of our mining heritage has now gone, and these men who lost their lives were just some of the few who remain scraping a living many hundreds of feet below ground. RIP.

If you’ll excuse me Deb and I have got a lot of catching up to do. We haven’t seen each other since Glastonbury and she’s been in Australia since then too, so we’ve lots to talk about. I won’t be blogging Sunday, but normal service should be resumed Monday.

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