Sweating Like A……

I’m getting bored of watching World Cup Rugby now. Canada v Japan, USA v Italy, what’s the point? Apart from me, is there really anybody else in the Western hemisphere who gets up to watch it? It’s a bit like the England football team in the world cup, only there to make up the numbers. You’ll have gathered that means I’m up at 4 o’clock in the morning again.

I read a document recently that puts my chance of survival at five years as 64%. The odds drop pretty dramatically to 38% if the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes, so I think I’m going down the bookies now before they rip them out and get the pathology results. Really, they are just figures, and I seriously don’t take much notice of them. This was one report on data from one hospital, and we already know that rates of colorectal cancer and survival vary widely depending on where you live. www.bowelcancermap.org   I could quite easily find another report that say’s quite the opposite. I’m happy to leave such judgements in the hands of my oncologist for the time being, and we’ll judge things again after the chemotherapy and radiotherapy is finished. I’ve still not had the pathology results back to enable them to decide whether I’m suitable for the drug trial. Another period of waiting, but this time it’s not really bothering me. Anyway, I’m not going anywhere before I get my bus pass, I want to be that annoying person in the bus queue who never has his pass ready, so that the driver refuses to let him on until he finds it. I can then tut and sigh at the driver changeover when the new driver dares to arrive 2 minutes after the previous driver has abandoned his bus load of pensioners.

Taking advantage of the last throws of summer, I ventured out for another afternoon walk. Although I started on my usual route, I veered off the normal pathway to head further down into the valley. I had no idea where the track would lead but discovered some beautiful views and photo opportunities. There’s a spring that obviously runs under the old railway line, and emerges further down the valley, and it looked stunning in the afternoon sunshine amid the semi autumnal trees. I’ll be going back with a decent camera, hopefully tomorrow. I’ve already got a picture in my mind of how it will look in a few months time with frost on the ground, and the same with snow, although it’s doubtful whether it’s accessible in the snow. We’ll have to wait and see. shouldn’t be surprised really as where I live is called Springhead. It’s no doubt one of the many tributaries that flow into the Medlock, that eventually joins the Mersey.

My walk ended up with me emerging through the trees in the midst of a maize of small industrial units in the next village. When I’d worked out how to get back on the road I quickly worked out a much easier route back home – via the supermarket. Now I know it was warm today, but by the time I was halfway home I was sweating like…..well I’ve never actually seen a pig sweat, but I was sweating a lot. I’m now getting accustomed to two stops on the way home. A bench a third of the way along the railway line, and the wall over the tunnel is just small enough for me to rest before the final climb up the hill home. Once again I fell asleep in the armchair, somewhere towards the end of Ed Milibands speech. Nothing personal Ed, what I heard was pretty good, although I still don’t quite see the qualities of the next PM.

It seems a bit self indulgent to mention it, but then again, this is a personal blog about my life so it would be a bit strange if I didn’t really. My blog, yes this one, has been short listed in the personal blog category for the 2011 Manchester Blog Awards ! Who’d have believed that- certainly not me. To have been nominated is a great honour, but short listed – O.M Bloody G ! This really is a prestigious award, and I am deeply honoured. The awards were established in 2006, and are now part of the Manchester Literary Festival. The winner will be chosen by a combination of votes cast by the pubic, and a panel of judges, and will be announced at an awards ceremony held at he Deaf Institute on Wednesday 19th of October. If you like my blog enough, I’d be extremely grateful if you would vote for it. http://www.manchesterblogawards.com/the-shortlist

OK, so I know I said I wasn’t going to blog daily anymore, but I just had to share the above news, I’m well chuffed J

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