That’s What Friends Are For

I’ll start off wishing my darling daughter a very happy 18th birthday. She’ll be mortified at me doing this, but then again she is always mortified at everything I do. But then that’s what Dad’s do isn’t it? I’ll tell you the story of the flag one day – maybe ! Anyway, Happy Birthday, love you lots, can’t wait until you come up and see me xxx

I got a right telling off this last week, too much negativity in my blog. The truth is, that’s not how I am at all but I have to accept that it may look that way to the outsider reading some of my entries. That’s not how I am, but the concern that I’m giving out negativity to others is justified. A lot of the time I’m laughing at myself, laughing at statistics, and waiting to prove everybody wrong. I have no intention of giving in to this horrid disease. I’m going to milk it for everything I can get, but in the end I’m going to have the last laugh and bask in the glory of coming though this. Despite it being in black & white perhaps my humour doesn’t come across too well- it’s dry and at times very black. The hospital where I am being treated does not accept negativity, there is not a negative vibe in the place. Every time I have stepped through the doors it makes me realise how trivial my illness is. You cannot be negative when there are so many people around you that are so seriously ill and yet are fighting with every last ounce of energy they have. I’ve said it before, some of the blogs I read from other cancer sufferers are so inspirational I cannot allow myself to ever be negative about the cancer I have. I don’t think I’ve been misunderstood, but just been made aware that I need to be passing on my positive attitude to others. I’m rambling, finding it difficult to excuse myself. Criticism accepted, that’s what friends are for.

Whilst in town the other day, I went into the pound shop to re-stock on the very effective slug pellets. I decided to scatter some the other night, at about 1 o’clock in the morning when it was pitch black outside. It wasn’t until the morning that I realised I had made the garden almost totally blue. Anyway, that’s beside the point, I needed some more. What I didn’t know was that gardening has been cancelled, well at least until January at the earliest. Gardening has been moved to the storeroom. Instead, a third of the store has been devoted to, oh I hate saying the word, Christmas, and another third to Halloween. Since when have we celebrated Halloween? Or school proms come to think of it. When did pumpkins become an essential part of our diet? For gods sake we’ll be playing soccer next, and celebrating Thanksgiving Day. I left the pound shop empty handed. At least that’s a first, the only time I’ve been in there and actually saved money.

Earlier this week I promised to return to the Medlock valley with my camera, which I did. I can’t understand how I had not discovered this hidden glade before now, at most, it’s only 300m from my home, it’s just I’ve never taken this particular pathway. I’m glad I did, better late than never. It’s hard to choose one photograph from the many I took, but here is one I particularly like, and I hope you like it too. I was so pleased with the results of that outing that I decided I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of making the most of the wonderful light this late summer has provided us with. So off out I went again, camera in hand. Uppermill was the destination, Lew and I went there a few weeks ago, but the weather was pretty miserable and not exactly good for photography. So I retraced my steps along the tow path of the Huddersfield Canal, and this time the weather and light was almost perfect. The place was heaving, the local school had just finished for the day and the river bank was swarming with teenagers, just chilling out and doing what they do best, having a laugh and being complete idiots. It was fun to watch, but required a lot of patience to get the right picture at the right time.

Viaduct over the Huddersfield Narrow Canal- Uppermill, Saddleworth

It wasn’t quite as tranquil as the photographs might suggest. As a closing line for this section, I have borrowed a quote from a professional :

“ Memories are made through our eyes, a camera just captures a moment”

I had planned to go into Manchester on Saturday, there was an afternoon gig I wanted to see in Castlefield. However I wasn’t in the mood when I woke up, and the thought of getting through Manchester on a Saturday lunchtime did not appeal to me, especially considering the diversions and road blocks in place for the Tory party conference due to start on Sunday. It’s not like me to turn down a free gig, but I know I’ll get the opportunity to see them again, they are still working their way upwards, in more ways than one. Check out Paper Aeroplanes, I’m sure you’ll like them. So an afternoon in the garden it was, a final tidy up before winter. That seems a long way off in this weather, and my dianthus are still flowering. It was very strange sitting there in the sweltering heat whilst the leaves are falling of the trees. A few strategically placed tarpaulins made collecting them up particularly easy. That make my garden sound bog doesn’t it. A few strategially placed handkerchiefs , as I sat there on my chair in the sunshine watching them float to the ground, bonfire alight with the dead wood cut from the trees, and sun cream splattered over my face.

Two upcoming appointments so far in the coming week. Another set of scans on Thursday, so it looks like another long day at The Christie. They are hoping that after these I will be able to start treatment within a week. A letter is in the post, but at least they phoned rather than me waiting for the letter not to arrive. On Tuesday I get to meet Bev, my appointed Macmillan nurse, she is coming to see me at home. (will that be an unofficial Macmillan coffee morning?). It feels as though everything is cranking up a gear now, and we’re almost ready for action.


refelctionsonawastedlife has been short listed in the ‘best personal blog’ category in the 2011 Manchester Blog Awards. If you would like to vote you can do so here


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2 Responses to That’s What Friends Are For

  1. Nikki says:

    your humour…..dry and at times very black???? surely not???? ;o)

  2. FreeMan says:

    I’ll tell you the story of the flag one day – maybe

    Flag? What Flag?

    Love Peace and Respect

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