Precious Little Angel

Time is starting to pass very slowly again. It seems ages ago that I was last at the hospital, yet it’s only a few days, and a few days more until I’m back again. I think it’s the dreary weather that’s making the days seem longer. It hardly makes you want to go out. There are still some things I need to buy before I start chemo and radiotherapy. Unscented soap in preparation for the likely “sunburn” from the radiotherapy, and a baby toothbrush. The chemo often produces bleeding gums, and so a super super soft toothbrush is required so as not to aggravate the soreness or bleeding. I think I’ll get one with Noddy on it. Do they still make them? All these extra things you have to think of and prepare for, none of which would enter your head unless you had this disease. My sister has already sent me a parcel containing, among other things, a super warm hoodie and hat to keep me warm (bought from a cancer charity of course), as feeling the cold is another side effect I’ll have endure. I’m praying for a mild winter, not only because of the temperature, but for ease of getting to the hospital. It’s hard to think that this time last year we were already under 2ft of snow, that stayed until Christmas. I normally love the snow, but please, not this winter. And for those of you wondering, hair loss is a common misconception. It only occurs with certain cytotoxins, and even then does not affect everyone.

Also on my shopping list is a food processor. It’s time I started making my own soup. It’s seems stupid buying all these cans, when I can make four times as much for the same price as a tin. Despite trying time and time again I’m still not eating many solids. Toast, biscuits, and provided it’s in small amounts, Bolognese or well cooked mince. It’s about time I got a bit more adventurous with my liquidised diet, and carrying vegetables home has got to be a lot easier than tins. I’ll try not to buy any more shoes or clothes while I’m shopping. I returned from Manchester the other day with 5 new shirts and a pair of jeans. I don’t have any room in the wardrobe anymore to hang anything up, and as for shoes, I’ve enough to last me a lifetime. It’s not that long ago since I had a big clear out of clothes, and threw away old shoes, trainers. Now I’m back to square one. I never cared about shoes in the past, until M bought me a pair of trainers in the sale in Schuh. £90 reduced from £120. I nearly died at the thought of that much being spent on a pair of trainers, but from that day on I’ve kind of appreciated the value in spending money on decent footwear. Those trainers are 7 years old now, but still as good as new, although to be fair I don‘t wear them that often. My worst day was quite recent, buying 3 pairs of boots on the same day. Everyday boots, not walking boots (I have two pairs of walking/festival boots). I spotted a shirt I liked in a ‘one day only sale’ in Manchester, so went in the shop to have a look round for any other bargains they had. As I queued to pay for the shirt a member of staff emerged from the stock room with a tower of boxes containing the leather boots. Reduced from £65 to £15. Size 10? Thank you, I’ll have some of them. I also bought another two pairs from Primark on the same day, one of which the right boot has completely collapsed due to the additional weight that goes on it as a result of my limp. So if anyone has a spare right boot (suede like, buckles one side, zip other, laced front) maybe we could come to some arrangement.

I didn’t mention the two new jackets I bought the other day did I. When I say new I mean charity shop. They were only £3 each, and I couldn’t leave them there for that price, could I? The older style check jackets are definitely all the rage- believe me they are. Well if they’re not I’m starting a new fashion. I nearly took mine off at Glastonbury and sold it to a ‘vintage’ stall holder. They were selling them for £30 each, I resisted, I didn’t want to part with it. I’ve since acquired another 2 of similar style and pattern so I might be tempted to sell one of them at sometime in the future. I also bought a black jacket, loved it as soon as I saw it, only wish I had tried it on first as it’s a little to large. Oh well, I guess that one will be making it’s way down south for Lewis.

On that subject, my daughter Alana will be coming to spend a few days with me in a couple of weeks, so I hope the jacket fits in her bag on the way home. I’m over the moon that she’ll be coming, not seen her in ages. My ‘Precious Little Angel’ has just turned 18. It only seems like yesterday that I used to dance around the room with her in my arms, singing along to ‘Precious – Annie Lennox’ , hence the Precious Little Angel, it stuck. She told me a few weeks ago that she wanted to come up. She works part time at Superdrug, to fit in with her A Level course at college so it has to be half term. Unfortunately it took her employers three weeks to confirm that she could have the time off. I hope Superdrug realise that in that time the cost of the rail ticket went up by £60. No, I didn’t think they cared.

I still haven’t decided whether to go to the Blog Awards ceremony yet – does anyone want to come with me and hold my hand? On that subject I’ll take this opportunity to remind you that today is the final day for public voting. The winner will be decided by a panel of judges, who will also take into account the number of votes received by each short listed blog. So if you want to vote, now is the time, just follow the link below.

Time for me to go now, I’ve got to polish……some boots.


refelctionsonawastedlife has been short listed in the ‘best personal blog’ category in the 2011 Manchester Blog Awards. If you would like to vote you can do so here


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