Floating On The Edge Of Oblivion

So The Stone Roses have re-formed and predictably tickets for their Heaton Park reunion concerts have sold out. They tentatively hinted at a “world tour” even before confirming the date or venue of the third reunion gig. I was not one of those scrambling for tickets on Friday morning. £55 by today’s standards is a good price, and credit to them for that. I notice however that there are also VIP packages on sale at £199 and £299 , presumably these are VIP and VVIP, for those people that want to pretend to be music fans, who want to say that they were there, but don’t actually want to be there, just to be seen to be there. My experience of hospitality/VIP passes only means you may have a clean toilet, and that you’ll be mixing with people you wouldn’t normally be seen dead with.

The self proclaimed seminal Madchester quartet produced two great albums. Maybe not to everybody’s taste, but that’s what music is about. You don’t have to like everything, but in time you’ll grow to appreciate it’s value and influence. What I think of them is irrelevant, I just hope the 220 000 people who snapped up the tickets are not going to be disappointed. The one thing you can say about their live performances is that they were not good. Lets face it, Ian Brown can’t sing, his saving grace has always been the post production genius that was able to disguise his out of tune Mancunian drawl. I fear that those people too young to remember the Roses first time round, and have bought tickets on the strength of listening to their albums, may be disappointed. Anyone who says their infamous Spike Island gig was anything but disastrous obviously wasn’t there. As much as Ian Brown always wanted to be one of the Gallagher brothers, wishing his roots were firmly established in the Manchester council estates, perhaps we should remember that both he and Squire emerged from the very middle class Altrincham Grammar school, hardly the breeding ground for contemporary urban music. I wish them well, and look forward to the promised new material should it happen. But I do wish they had stuck at what they do best. Mani, playing for Primal Scream, John Squire producing inspirational art work, Reni doing whatever it was that kept him happy for the last 15 years, and Brown floating on the edge of oblivion. It was interesting to note that Peter Hook almost proclaimed himself as unofficial spokesman prior to Tuesdays press conference, confirming rumours to any media outlet that would listen to him. I wonder whether he is hoping to stuff his blood stained wallet with the proceeds of a support role, that’s if Mani will allow him to hawk a corpse on stage. There’s as much chance of that as John Robb being appointed press officer for the reunion.

The results I have been so anxiously waiting for arrived, as predicted, Friday. I received a phone call just after lunch. The tests have shown that my genes are of the “wild” type rather than “mutant”. This means I am not suitable for the drug trial. I am not disappointed, there’s no point. The trial drug would never have worked for me so it’s not as though I am missing out on anything. What it does mean though is that my treatment can begin, at last. It’s been a long while, or at least it seems that way. I begin taking my chemotherapy drugs Wednesday morning, with my first radiotherapy session booked in for Wednesday afternoon. From then on it’s eight tablets every day for 5 weeks, and a radiotherapy session Monday to Friday for the same period – 25 in all. I’m glad all the uncertainty is out of the way, and in a masochistic kind of way I can’t wait for it to begin. Whether it’s because I’m conscious of it or not, I don’t know, but I’m now feeling the tumour more than ever, and it’s not pleasant. The sooner the radiotherapy begins to shrink it the better.

As it turns out, the treatment plan has worked out well. My daughter arrives later today, so it will give me the opportunity to spend some quality time with her before everything begins. She’s only here until Thursday, having to be back on the south coast for work on Friday, but however short the visit I’m looking forward to it immensely. She won’t be reading this on the train (I hope) so I can now publicly reveal that I’ve made her a special birthday cake. The first ever cake I have made, and I’m very proud of the end result. The baking tins I used were a little larger than those suggested in the recipe, so as a result the cake is not quite as high as it should be, but nonetheless, for a first effort I’m very pleased. The proof is in the eating of course, so I’ll let you know.

Once again, I got a bit carried away whilst shopping. As well as ingredients for the cake, I bought enough food to open a soup kitchen. I was thinking of things Alana might like whilst she is here, but there’s no way she’s going to get through all of it. I’m sure I’ve mentioned the wonderful butcher in Tommyfield Market hall before. If I have mentioned it before, skip this bit. I can’t be bothered to check back myself, I’m only looking forward from now on. Their beef is to die for. So I’ve got stewing steak, a free range chicken that’s almost the size of a turkey, minced steak, sausages, a HUGE ham shank (titter titter Lisa) and a loin of pork. Just in case that was too much I thought I had better get some vegetables, to make the remnants into soup. I’m thinking I might need a new freezer. I was planning to drop the soup references from my blog, but it looks as though it’s taken over my life.

Before I sign off, and at the end of a week where I didn’t win anything expect more friends, I would like to thank those people who nominated my blog in the MCR Blog Awards. More and more of you are coming out of the closet, it’s very flattering to know that so many thought it worthy of nomination, and so many nice comments since the announcement that I failed to win anything at all. I’d like to publicly thank those who came to support me on awards night. Firstly, and most importantly Lorraine and Jude, I don’t think I always demonstrate how much I value their friendship, Darren, Louise (make some time to add to that blog Louise), and Richard, who has done so much to publicise my blog through his own website. OK Richard was going anyway, but it was good to meet him nonetheless.


If you have any concerns about bowel cancer, or just want more information or check cancer rates in your area you can find all the information advice and help you need here



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