Curtains For Cameron

It’s snowing again outside, well it would be strange if it was snowing inside wouldn’t it. A couple of hours ago I looked out of the window and all I could see was frost and ice on the road. Now snow has fallen, making the drive up the hill treacherous. No gritters on this road yet ! Well at least it makes everything look Christmassy, even if I am struggling to feel it. I did do some shopping the other day, as planned. And I did leave my list at home, as planned. I think I’ve bought enough supplies to last me a few months, which is not hard when you’re not eating a lot. I’m now in the process of making a second list, of the things I forgot to buy because I forgot the first list. My sister treated me to a new cup & saucer. Anyone who knows me will know I am very particular about coffee cups. I don’t like mugs of any type or description, and a coffee cup has to be of a certain design to allow the contents to be drunk at the perfect temperature. Exactly what the perfect temperature is, is debateable and a matter of opinion, but one thing all serious coffee drinkers should know is that you DO NOT make coffee with boiling water, never, ever, at all, no excuses. I also managed to acquire two other coffee cups, that were not for sale. I won’t expand on this for fear of implicating innocent parties. So my ‘new’ coffee cup is for best only, and I love it. Thanks sis.

During yet another night of disturbed sleep I kept hearing radio news broadcasts reporting on how David Cameron has called on the arch bishop of Canterbury to lead a return to the moral code of the bible. This incensed me so much I had to get up to blog about it. The prime minister called for a revival of traditional Christian values to counter Britain’s “moral collapse“. Now I don’t pretend to have any in-depth knowledge of the bible, or what Christian values are, but I do consider myself to be a decent person, I know what is right and what is wrong. I know it is wrong to impose such severe austerity measures on the relatively poor, when those who can afford to ‘pay a bit more’ are left floating on their wads of cash. Didn’t Jesus throw the money makers out of the temple? I read of a group of city traders (note I said traders, these were not bank executives, I’m sure they had more sense to hide their disgusting extravagant spending) in London spending £44 000 on a Christmas lunch, whilst single parents and families try to provide their children with something that resembles Christmas, whilst worrying about impending cuts to tax credits. And despite protests from all leading cancer charities, this government is pressing ahead with welfare reform bill that will see cancer patients being forced to undergo strenuous tests to assess their availability to work whilst undergoing or recovering from treatment.

All of the UK’s leading cancer charities and experts have repeatedly asked for vital changes to the Bill. However, not only has the Government failed to address their concerns but instead they are proposing to make it even harder for many patients undergoing gruelling chemotherapy and radiotherapy to claim the financial support they desperately need, by slashing benefits after 12 months, regardless of the state of claimants health.

One year is simply not long enough for many people to recover from cancer treatment. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy can be highly debilitating. The ongoing and severe side-effects can leave patients struggling for years. The cut in Employment and Support Allowance after one year will leave many cancer patients up to £94 worse off a week simply because they have not recovered quickly enough. How moral and compassionate is that Mr. Cameron ? Please inform me as I seem to be missing the point you are trying to make from your moral high point. I am sure you felt it was morally right to spend £64 000 on replacing curtains in your Downing Street flat, at least you met half the cost out of your own pocket, leaving the taxpayer to pick up the rest, whilst sending your wife to Ikea for an appropriate press shoot to demonstrate just how like the rest of us you really are. I must remind myself that we’re all in this together. PS. Can I have your old curtains please? I could wrap myself up in them to keep warm this winter.


If you have any concerns about bowel cancer, or just want more information or check cancer rates in your area you can find all the information advice and help you need here.



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2 Responses to Curtains For Cameron

  1. Judy Mansfield says:

    I love your writing, and the incisive comments made. Keep it up – and merry Christmas, whichever coffee cup you’re drinking from!!

  2. cameron is a bastard. I’d like to be more constructive etc but can’t. Absolutely disgusting.

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