Winter Solstice Greetings (or Summer for some of you)

I’ve been thinking of this entry for a few days – well nights actually. Sleep is becoming rarer and rarer. I suppose I’ve not been thinking about the blog, just thinking in general. I guess it’s the time of year, all reflective and that. I can’t say Christmas has ever been a particularly favourite time of the year for me. The occasion of the winter solstice today is usually a reminder that we’re half way to the next Glastonbury Festival. The last week in June is more of a Christmas to me, and if I could carry a turkey I’d BBQ it there too, to celebrate. I recall one year when we took enough food to feed a couple of hundred people, and we probably did. A brilliant home made BBQ made out of an old metal army ammunition box. It became a bit of a tradition, and we must have fed almost everyone camped on Pennard hill that year. Everyone knew where were we due to the flag pole, the highest on Pennard, peaking at a mighty 3ft one year, complete with flashing lights. These were the days before all the light weight poles and Maplins that allow you to imitate Blackpool illuminations. The flag pole was made out of a turned upside down rotary clothes dryer, and lots of metal poles and bolts. Apart from a hundred or so regular devotees, Pennard was almost empty on a Wednesday, a far cry from nowadays when it’s full by midday on Wednesday.

There I go again, my mind starts wandering, and I always end up in the same place, the Vale of Avalon. I’ve always said that you should treat every Glastonbury festival as if it were your last, and that’s never been more relevant than now. It’s just a shame I’ve got to wait another 18 months before I’m there again. In reality I couldn’t have timed my illness better, grateful for a fallow year for once. Just six months ago we were sitting in the sunshine at the Stone circle, knowing in the back of my mind what I was suffering from, just not having had it confirmed. I’m now looking forward to 2013 with renewed optimism and determination, I cant wait to get back, just 551 days to go.

The first of the brown envelopes has arrived. From the Department for Nuclear Medicine, makes it sound a bit scary doesn’t it. It’s right at the back of the hospital grounds, in isolation with it’s own entrance for a reason I guess. The appointment is for the CT PET scan, a combination of two types of scan using injected radioactive material to highlight areas of cancer spread. Apparently any areas with cancer will soak up the radioactivity to make them easier to identify. This is the one that will probably determine what will happen after surgery. There are not many hospitals that are able to carry out this type of scan, so I guess I’m lucky that I don’t have to travel half way across the country for it, and even luckier that I’ve got a health service that will pay for it. Waiting is never easy, but waiting for an appointment is probably better than waiting for results, and waiting for something is better than nothing to wait for.

I ventured out again yesterday, this time only to the doctors. Bloods, blood pressure as usual, and back to the same tablets I was on five weeks ago in an attempt to get my digestive system working. I suppose a lot has happened since then so it’s worth another try. My colon seems to have gone to sleep or surrendered after the bombardment of radiotherapy. The pain and discomfort has been keeping me awake night after night, and quite honestly I’m exhausted from it all. Thankfully I now have something to help me sleep. Only 7 tablets due to their high level of addictiveness. At least enough to get me through Christmas, and who knows I might be lucky enough to wake up and find it’s all over. With that, I’ll wish you all a very merry Christmas, I hope you all have a wonderful time with lots of cheer and joy. Thank you for reading my blog, I couldn’t imagine how many of you there would be when I first started this in August. I really do appreciate the encouragement, good wishes and comments made by so many of you, I hope that you get as much out of reading it as I do writing. I won’t be updating the blog over the festive period, so see you all in the new year.



If you have any concerns about bowel cancer, or just want more information or check cancer rates in your area you can find all the information advice and help you need here.



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