Altered Images

I seriously wanted to publish this earlier in the week, as I believed I had turned the corner, but previous false hope has taught me to be more cautious. However, my confidence is enough now to really believe that I have put the problems of the last few weeks behind me. Basically I have been constipated since Mid December. Before this, I would have thought that would not be much of a problem, more of an inconvenience, but I can think of few things that have disrupted my life as much or caused me so much pain. The remedy provided last week was successful, even though it did take 5 days to become effective. With that came an almost immediate relief from pain, and so I owe my GP an apology for doubting this.

I attended the hastily arranged appointment with the consultant on Wednesday, knowing that the problem was probably already resolving itself. This is never a problem for anyone at The Christie, any concern is important to them, and they never make you feel as though you are wasting their time. The consultant talked through everything with me, explaining how much the bowel will have shrunk due to the radiotherapy. An x-ray confirmed this, and seeing the images was quite alarming, the problem was quite clear. In particular the area where the tumour is now appears as a huge area of blackness on the x-ray, showing how much damage the radiotherapy has caused. Of course, I would like to say “where the tumour was” but alas they don’t show up on the x-ray. That will come at the end of the month when I have a day devoted entirely to scans.

All this confidence that the latest problem has been overcome has come with added benefits. Firstly sleep, for the first time in ages I achieved a full nights sleep, well from 1am to 5am, which by recent standards was good for me. That was followed by a further “sleep in” until noon, and an afternoon nap. Clearly it was needed. Secondly, I have tentatively started eating again. Almost a proper meal on Wednesday, and two on Thursday. Kippers for breakfast, well it was more lunch really, and grilled chicken breast and dauphinoise potatoes for dinner. I’ve lost another half stone over the last few weeks so I need to put some weight on again. Almost all the food treats I bought for Xmas ended up in the bin, un-opened, all out of date. I’m hoping to make up for this in the coming weeks. So whilst the rest of you toil and struggle with your January health regime and diets, I’ll be filling myself with goodies knowing I can afford to put at least a stone on without any fear.

Springhead, Northern Poland

Some of you may know, or have gathered, that I have a love for photography. I’ve never pretended to be any good, I’ve always worked on the premise that if I take enough photos some of them might be ok. I often get complimented on my photo’s, I think I just see things that others don’t it’s not that I’m any good at it, just have a knack of knowing what is a good picture. I don’t necessarily know it beforehand, just a realisation when I come to view the finished product. Believe me when I say literally thousands end up in the bin, something that the advent of digital photography has allowed. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always taken photographs, it’s just that digital cameras have allowed me to do so more often and at less expense, increasing the chances of me producing a half decent composition. Digital photography has been a revolution, certainly for me. Mobile phone cameras now provide quality that could only be dreamed of just a decade ago, without spending thousands of pounds on a decent camera. Pictures can be taken and published within seconds, and unfortunately more and more people are doing so. Even worse is the growth in camera Apps, and sadly more and more people are using them and it’s difficult to avoid the thousands of online photos that are published everyday. Phone apps do not make you a good photographer, what they do is allow you to turn what is a mediocre photo into something that it really isn’t. It’s not the product of your own skill that is being published, it’s the skill of the Application to be able to turn your photo into something else. Sepia, Victorian, blue haze, soft focus, fish eye, hipsto, eastern bloc, funky, popArt, etc. etc. etc. There is no more skill in pressing “apply” than there is in hiring a professional photographer to take the picture for you in the first place. At least they will choose the correct lens before pressing the shutter button. It’s no coincidence that I choose to rant on this subject. It coincides with the death of photojournalist Eve Arnold. Her photographs are legendary, not because of any alteration made after the event, but by the choice of lens and subject before the picture is taken.

Mobile phone cameras are great for blogs, blips, or just catching that moment on camera. But my advice, no plea, to the rest of you is, get yourself a website or flicker account, and then if we want to view your altered images, we will do so.


If you have any concerns about bowel cancer, or just want more information or check cancer rates in your area you can find all the information advice and help you need here.



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4 Responses to Altered Images

  1. natasha says:

    First read and really enjoyed it x

  2. MaxLewnacy says:

    Sorry to break it to you dad but im an avid phone photographer, wish i had the money to get something decent, but just the convenice of having one in your pocket, to be able to see a framing on the sper of the moment and be able to catch it there and then, ive even had this photography exibited lol. but again i dont claim to be a photograph i just like to capture frames, technolgy will never compinsate for skill and passion as much as it will saturate and desensatise. x

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