15 And Not Counting

20, 19, 18, 17,16,15…..not that I’m counting, which of course I am. It’s hard not to. I’m in that waiting period again, where every day seems to drag on and on. Still two weeks until my next set of scans, even then nothing will be resolved as I’ll probably have to wait another 7-10 days for the results. But at least it’s something to focus on, even if the waiting is still just as frustrating as it as 5 months ago. I’m not nervous or anxious about the outcome, I can’t change anything now, and can only hope that the radiotherapy has done it’s job to enable to surgeon to remove the tumour. Overall I’m feeling pretty good considering, so I shouldn’t complain. At last, I’m getting a decent sleep at last , up to 10 hours, unfortunately it‘s not always at night time. I seem to be in a cycle where I’m not getting to sleep until four or five o’clock in the morning, but at least it’s sleep. Last night I managed to break that cycle, so the challenge today is to remain awake until bedtime tonight.

The garden has been neglected since the on-set of autumn, so much so that I’ve hardly even looked at it. Much to my surprise I now see shoots from the many bulbs I planted, confirming just how ridiculously mild the winter has been. Looking back, I thought that my surgery would be all over by the time I saw the green shoots of recovery, this is obviously not the case. It’s too early yet to think we’re over the worst, frost is expected again before the weekend, the first frost of 2012 and could yet devastate the early growth of the spring bulbs. It would be good to see the end of this incessant rain/mist for a few days so at least I could get out there and tidy up a bit. I’ve also just learnt that the plant I purchased and planted in late October was in fact a bad choice. The chameleon plant, ‘lovely colours and spreads well‘, should read lovely colours and takes over your garden. The latest advice comes from the same person who was with me when I bought it. Who needs friends hey ! Regardless, I feel I’m well trained after my battle with crocosmia last year, and so I’ll be doing my best to keep it under control.

Some heartening news at last, proving that not all politicians are heartless. The dramatic defeat for the government over it’s welfare bill in the house of Lords last night. Labour and crossbench peers backed amendments to three separate parts of the bill which would have limited the time cancer patients were able to claim Employment Support Allowance. In effect the proposals would penalise cancer patients for not recovering within 12 months of diagnosis. Ridiculous considering a large proportion of cancer patients are still undergoing chemotherapy many months, if not years after diagnosis, and have to live with the burden and fear of cancer recurring for many years. The proposals were draconian to say the least and would have hit those most vulnerable in our society. Surely we have a minimum duty to look after the sick, vulnerable and poor. Of all the people claiming benefits you would think that cancer patients and the least likely to be feigning their illness for the sake of claiming a few extra pounds each week. This is not the end of the matter, the government will undoubtedly try to force through the bill when it returns to the commons, but at least it shows that there are some politicians with a sense of morality. I fail to see how the original proposals matched Davis Cameron’s promise to protect the most vulnerable in society. Finally, Happy Birthday M xxx.


If you have any concerns about bowel cancer, or just want more information or check cancer rates in your area you can find all the information advice and help you need here. www.beatingbowelcancer.org



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2 Responses to 15 And Not Counting

  1. witchyx says:

    Hi just wanted to comment that your sleep pattern is just like mine and i think we finished radiotherapy around the same time. I had CT scan on tues and see the doc on Thursday i am thinking that this will determine whether i have an op too.So pleased that the house of lords have highlighted the damaging areas in the bill, but i see that the govt or going to take it back to the commons. It is interesting how things like this can feel so personal, it makes me feel unsupported as someone battling cancer. I have signed up to your blag and look forward to reading it. If you are inclined i have one on blogger….. http://elkamouri.blogspot.com/ Good luck with the results! Hazel

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment Hazel, it’s much appreciated. The sleep thing is a ‘nightmare’ if you’ll excuse the pun ! Good luck with you meeting with consultant. I will be facing surgery, hopefully sooner rather than later, but we’ll await the outcome of scans at the end of the month.
      Thanks for the link to your blig – I’ll take a look
      All the best


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