True Grit

Today’s topic of conversation seems to be snow. We can’t stop talking about it. Tweeting, Facebook, TV, radio, snow is everywhere, or not, depending where in the country (or world) you live. There have been plenty of people busting a gut to report temperatures of 30° c upwards, how they’ve spent the evening swimming in the pool, when secretly they are hankering to be back in blighty to get out there and make a snowman. Here, on the edge of the moors outside Manchester, we had eight hours of continuous snow yesterday.  Considering the amount of snow that fell, I have to say the local authority did extremely well in their attempts to keep the roads open. My own road, on a hill, was gritted 5 times during the course of the day/night, although even that was not enough to satisfy some people. They seem to expect their own road/pavement/driveway/patio to be cleared regardless of what other priorities there are. At times, my road was only passable with 4×4’s, and despite cars being abandoned at the roadside, it didn’t prevent others trying to get up the hill on their rear wheel drive motors. I lost count of the number of cars that had to turn back, and by the time it got dark I was used to the sound of spinning wheels.

Most of the roads across the top of Saddleworth Moor have, unsurprisingly,  been closed and so this morning, with two pairs of thermals, trousers, waterproofs, 2 t-shirts, jumper, overcoat and wellies, I returned to the scene of summer photographs. I think the winter wear was a bit excessive, as I returned home sweating like…….like someone who had gone out with too much clothing. Anyway, I’m glad I went out early, because fog has now descended. Nothing spectacular, but I hope you enjoy the results.

You’ll find the rest of the photographs here

And not a single mention of cancer………well just one.


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