Peaks and Troughs

I knew I shouldn’t have mentioned the Nolan sisters. I can’t believe the amount of traffic it attracted from people entering the term in search engines. Imagine all those people hoping to find something about the Nolan’s only to find a blog about bums. It’s easy for me to joke of course, but it’s a cheap joke. Three of the sisters have suffered from breast cancer. It’s bad enough when anyone gets the dreaded cancer diagnosis, but three sisters ! To have to cope with it when in the limelight as well must make it twice as difficult. To their credit they have used their celebrity status and experiences to promote breast cancer awareness. To go on TV when you’ve lost all your hair, and probably feeling crap, takes some guts, at least the rest of us can go home and shut the door behind us. I wouldn’t normally have mentioned it, but seeing the Nolan’s seemed like a light hearted way of opening my blog on what was after all, not a particularly good news day. It’s certainly not unusual to see celebs at The Christie, there are many household names doing great work to raise funds and awareness for the hospital. Many have been treated there, and sadly, some have passed away there, including one of my all time hero’s, Mr Manchester, Tony Wilson, who died from renal cancer in 2007. Notice boards around the hospital are adorned with  letters of thanks from grateful famous ex-patients. Yet again it’s a reminder that cancer has no respect for status, wealth or creed.

I have been a little quiet this week, maybe just trying to get my head around everything that’s going on. Just as I think I have, it all changes again. As usual after a period of calmness, everything goes mad and I’m now faced with trying to fit in a number of appointments at two different hospitals at the same time ! I’ve spent most of the morning trying to sort it out and trying to get yet another CT scan arranged before I see the liver specialist. It’s not just getting the scan arranged, but making sure there is time to get them processed before my appointment and for the MDT meeting that takes place on the morning of the same day. Not a criticism but it’s hard to get hold of specialist nurses whilst they are working, messages left on voicemail, and waiting for them to get back to you. Not helpful when you’re trying to get everything sorted before they all go home for the weekend. I’m reluctant to say too much at this stage because I’m not really sure about it myself, but there appears to be a little more going on than I was first led to believe. A lesson perhaps in not blogging about something before I have it in writing. Peaks and troughs, highs and lows, swings and roundabouts – whatever way you look at it, it does your head in.

I couldn’t have chosen a worse week to try and stop smoking. I’m in no doubt that this is what I need to do considering the major surgery I’m facing in the near future. I attended my first cessation session at The Christie on Monday. The first three days were encouraging, armed with nicotine inhalers I managed to cut down my consumption dramatically. I was convinced it wouldn’t take me long before stopping altogether. Today is a different story, back to square one. As soon as the stress kicks in the tobacco comes out, and today I’ve smoked more than I have for ages, very disappointed. I’m sure I’ll be back on track soon, I know I have to.

I’ve also been considering getting another tattoo. Thought I never would, but the urge is becoming too strong for me to resist. I know what I want, just got to decide when I want it doing. I may have to leave it for a while though. I know the chances are small but I don’t want to risk any infection, and it might just serve as a reward for myself when I come through all this. One thing for certain though, I won’t be getting it done at this place.


If you have any concerns about bowel cancer, or just want more information or check cancer rates in your area you can find all the information advice and help you need here.


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