Not A Good Weekend

Apart from an hour long outing to see my GP on Saturday I’ve spent most of the last four days in bed. I haven’t eaten in all that time either, maybe longer. I dragged myself out of bed on Sunday to watch the Rugby Union, but my first thought was that I wanted to go back. Despite having done nothing for four days I have absolutely no energy. Once again I have a block in my colon, and nothing is shifting it. I’m cold, breathless and pissed off. Why? Because this could jeopardise the colonoscopy I was due on Wednesday. Not that it’s something to look forward to, bit it might have provided some answers regarding the new area of concern in my colon. Maybe this already gives the answer I was dreading. I hope not. The seemingly endless glasses of putrid liquid I’m supposed to be drinking is doing nothing other than making me feel sick, and swelling my belly to uncomfortable levels. I’ve not felt this ill since the bad days of radiotherapy, and so I’m writing it down so when I’m feeling better I can look back and know that things can improve. I’m not sure what the way forward is from here. The GP was suggested hospital admission if things hadn’t resolved themselves by Monday. I seem to have lost control again, and I don’t like it. To coin a phrase, “it’s all gone Pete Tong”.

Monday arrived, and although I didn’t feel any better in myself, I did sleep a little better last night after doubling my dose of Tramadol. I’m always reluctant to do that, but it worked, took the edge off the pain. I’ve had hic-coughs for the last three days, coming and going in spasms, and it’s very painful- not a good sign. I spoke to the GP again, and he immediately offered me emergency admission to Royal Oldham. I declined gracefully. Anyone who knows the hospital will be able to think of a hundred reasons for doing this, but in truth it is more about where my consultants are based. Colorectal surgeon and oncologist are both at The Christie, and Liver surgeon at North Manchester General. The chances are that if I went to Oldham they would proceed with surgery on my bowel regardless. My consultant (Mr S)  at The Christie is without doubt one of the best in Europe for this kind of surgery, and I’d do whatever I could to ensure that it’s him wIelding the scalpel when the time comes. The original plan was for the liver surgeon (bugger, he’s Mr S as well, ok we’ll call him Mr L) to go to The Christie to carry out the liver surgery, but he has suggested that it would be best to do this at North Manchester ” on account of the high risk of post operative liver failure”. I’m sure between them they will reach the right decision, but it It’s looking increasingly likely that the time for surgery is fast approaching, rather faster than any of us was anticipating. This really is ‘your life in their hands’.

Well if you’ll excuse me I’ve got a few things to do. Remember? Those things I said I was going to do a few weeks ago. I’m sure they would have been easier when I wasn’t feeling so crap.

Before I go, I’d like to ask that those of you in a position to do so if you could make a donation to the following

Chris is running in the BUPA Great Manchester run on behalf of Cancer Research UK. He asked a while back if I’d mind him running with my name on his shirt -mind ? I’m bloody honoured mate, and I’m still hopeful of cheering you across the finish line. Ok, it might be the start line, you might be a bit sweaty at the finish 😉  If you are able to make a donation, please mention my name. There are far too many of us who would be grateful.

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