Something Deep Inside

There’s something deep inside me, it will not go away.

It’s slowly taking over, at least that’s what they say.

I don’t know how it got there, I don’t know whence it came

It eats up all my energy, and saddles me with pain.

I can’t control it’s movements, it burrows deep inside

It’s eating all my organs, from that I cannot hide.

They’ve tried to halt it progress, burn it’s roots away

They’ve battered it with toxins, to keep it‘s spread at bay

Now they’ll cut inside me, attack with clamps and knives,

Cut off all it’s nutrients and blood on which it thrives

That thing that grows inside me, is coming out today

To mutilate my body is the price I have to pay

I’ve put my faith in others, to lead the next attack

The sooner it is over, the sooner I’ll fight back.

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1 Response to Something Deep Inside

  1. John T Brown says:

    Always make time to read your blog. This caught me though, maybe it was due to the unfortunate coincidence that ‘fix you’ was playing at the same time on spotify… but this brought a tear! Your blog always reminds me what I have- my health. Easy to take for granted when you are young. That might be a selfish reason for reading, but it is my reason nonetheless. best wishes for your fight, but that goes without saying. x

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