Pants !

I was so proud of myself I was almost excited to tell every one of my 3 great achievements over last weekend. A bit of shopping/meal out/ and the long walk to the village. I hadn’t  factored in the district nurse. Not my usual one, this time it was the boss lady, the sister, and she was not impressed. Too much too soon !  I ‘m glad I didn’t get round to mentioning the shopping or meal out. Oh dear, I shrunk into the chair like a castigated schoolboy, only to be told off again that my cushion was the wrong way up. I was trying to explain that Mrs. C had been cleaning and must have inadvertently put it back the wrong way, but was plainly informed that I could not expect to be comfortable if I wasn’t using the equipment correctly. There’s a lot to be said for old school, but I thought that the Hattie Jacques approach had disappeared many years ago (attitude not size). My case file was duly marked accordingly with the offences, and I’m sure they’ll be mentioned in my end of term report. She was of course right, Saturday and Sundays outing were ok, but the long walk was a bridge too far, and the pub bench, and the bus stop……… I was paying the price, it took three days for my legs to recover and the fatigue hit me like a juggernaut in the fast lane of the M60. It won’t stop me trying, but it might make me a little more selective as to who I tell.

Saturdays shopping trip turned out to be a bit of a waste of time, despite the effort that went into it. I had to go into town anyway, someone sent me a cheque and I wanted to pay it into the bank. Who the hell uses cheques nowadays? The other reason was pants. Yes – Pants. For northerners I mean underpants (they call trousers pants), although I do need some trousers as well but they’ll have to wait until I can balance well enough to try some on. Trousers that is not pants, I’m not in the habit of trying on pants, and I hope you’re not either. Everything I had read pre op was that boxers were a ‘must’.  Not a particular fan of boxers, nonetheless I had replaced my drawer of pants (not trousers-ok I’ll stop now) with boxers. It didn’t take me long to realise that this was not going to be the case for me, boxers were very uncomfortable, and I have enough discomfort and pain as it is without the added stress of boxer shorts. I’m sure women who have been through the same op don’t have this problem. They’re always talking about ‘big pants’ on the forums I read. Anyway, for me it was going to be briefs, 2 six packs should suffice for the time being. I hadn’t taken into account the fact that my hips seem to have disappeared. Did they shave a few inches off during surgery? My bum seems to have disappeared too, but I was relying on my hips to keep things up. It wasn’t long on my walk before I realised they were half way down my legs, only saved by the crotch of my jeans. Braces are the norm now for keeping trousers and jeans up, but what the hell do I do with pants? Do they do tie up’s? And before you suggest it, commando is not an option at the moment. Maybe when there is no need for the special cushion. I won’t be blogging about it when I reach a decision, just to save you having to think about it.

I told Mrs. C about my Sunday Lunch out, and I think she took that as a sign. She sent round a full roast dinner the other night – chicken. It was very nice, and how kind it is of her to do so.  I’ve tried to explain what I can and can’t eat, and things I need to be careful with, but I think she can only see vegetables as being good and healthy. Sunday I coped with a tiny amount of veg, barely a couple of mouthfuls. Mrs. C put cauliflower, broccoli, peas, sweet corn and carrots on my plate. I felt obliged to eat a bit of everything, but something certainly didn’t agree with me. My first experience of things not working quite so well inside. I don’t think I’m quite ready for it yet, one veg at a time.


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