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Hey, it’s not just about cancer this blog you know. Well OK it may seem that way at the moment as chemotherapy continues after an expected and unexpected break. The expected break was to allow me to have a chemo free weekend away at Kendal Calling, the unexpected was due to the infection I had picked up. I was a little apprehensive when arriving for my clinic appointment on Thursday, I didn’t want another weeks postponement. I was pleased to be called for my bloods by nurse Carole, we always have things to chat about whilst she goes about her business, usually Glastonbury. This week she reminded me of the approaching ticket sale date, we discussed the usual stress and anxiety surrounding the occasion, and the likelihood that we’ll both end up paying for our kids tickets, as usual. Whilst flushing and cleaning my hickman line she commented at the redness surrounding the exit site. If it gets to the size of a two penny coin we should be concerned, currently half that size, so the size of a penny. BUT, it may be that the antibiotics I have been taking have kept any infection at bay, so she took a swab just to see what’s going on. Dr. S prescribed me another course of antibiotics to start immediately, should either the abscess or the inflammation around the line flare up.  Nothing to stop chemo going ahead this week though which was a relief. Dr S brought with him a work experience student awaiting his A level results. It was interesting to hear Dr S describing my condition, somehow there tends to be a different vocabulary used when speaking to a third party, advanced cancer, balancing chemo with side effects, chances of success in stopping spread, options available after scan results. I have a date for my MRI and CT scans, the results of which will determine what direction we go after the end of this course of chemotherapy. It still seems strange to be hoping of liver surgery, major surgery, risky surgery, but it’s still my best hope of beating this disease. Dr S told me not to be disappointed if the scan results do not show any major change in the tumours, that would still be a positive result as the spread had been halted by the chemo, and we could always consider further chemo if that were the case. Not an option that fills me with any joy.

I’m more concerned as to Dr S’s sudden enthusiasm for Dexy’s, yes them, former Midnight Runners,  Come on Eil………. I can’t even bring myself too say it. He was raving about their new album. I have my doubts. They are appearing at Green Man next weekend, I said I might give them a listen if I can’t find anything else to do (desperately looks at alternative line up). I’m still waiting for the return of the stolen badge. My precious I© MCR badge that was so thoughtlessly stolen from a helpless cancer victim. She didn’t just pick it up from a table, she un-did it, fastened firmly to a canvas bag, can you believe it. I even GAVE her two badges out of the goodness of my heart, not knowing that she had already robbed me, yet she still found it acceptable to pilfer my personal and most treasured possessions. Ironic that she stole it on the eve of the anniversary of the riots and thieving that took place in Manchester, for which the badge was produced. I drove out to the depths of Cheshire to pick them up and deliver them to the airport, and she robbed me !

In other news my new (warmer) sleeping bag arrived. They don’t do next day delivery if ordered after 4pm Thursday. I ordered Thursday about 8pm , and so paid a premium for Saturday delivery. It was delivered Friday ! So why did I pay a Saturday delivery premium huh ? Anyway it was a bargain , 60% price reduction, a 3 season, which I’m told will keep me warm, even in the depths of the Brecon Beacons for Green Man next weekend.

And the garden, I can’t tell you how overjoyed I am at the garden progress. I can’t claim any credit or expertise in achieving the sea of colour that I am now greeted with, I just plant whatever I like the look of at the garden centre. The waft of scent  that greets me when I open the back door in the morning is refreshing, a natural air freshener. When I say back door, actually it’s my front door, or only door, but it’s at the back, so maybe I should just call it door. I love it that whenever I go out  to the garden there are always Bee’s doing what bee’s do. Here’s a photo from the other morning, shame there’s no scratch & sniff.

The fact that I’m writing this indicates that side effects from Thursdays chemo have not been too bad. I didn’t sleep much Thursday night, that’s down to the steroids. The peripheral neuropathy is becoming the norm, it’s spreading to other parts of my body which strangely enough is positive, as I’ve not had much feeling in those parts since surgery. Feeling very nauseous but other than that things seem ok. Fingers crossed that it remains that way. Meanwhile I’m sitting here in my new sleeping bag, it has to be tested. It’s a hot summer afternoon, I think this will keep me very warm.

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