An unexpected update

Another blog so soon ? I have a bit of news, so thought I would share it. Well, an unexpected outcome from the meeting with Dr S, oncologist, on Thursday. He checked to see if my scan results were in, CT scan yes, MRI scan no. That’s half a good result and pretty quick too as I only had the scan ton Tuesday. Dr S explained that the MRI scan is more detailed, specifically for the liver. There are many sectional scans that make up the 3D picture of the liver, and every one of those sections has to be carefully viewed, measured and compared to previous scans. His interpretation of the CT scan results is therefore only interim, a better picture will emerge once the MRI results are in.

So….what’s the outcome? The 5 tumours in my liver have reacted differently to the chemo. Some have grown ever so slightly, were talking millimetres here, some have shrunk, again millimetres. The tumour on my left lung remains the same size. A further ‘small lesion’ on my right lung remains the same. What small lesion? I hadn’t been told of that ! It seems I misinterpreted what I had been told on a previous occasion. Initially I had been told of a ‘small lesion’ on my lung. After a further scan I was told of a tumour on my lung, I had assumed that this had developed from the ‘small lesion‘. Incorrect, this is a separate tumour and has only increased by millimetres since it was found, and contained since chemo. The ‘lesion’ remains jut that, they’re still not sure what it is, but are keeping a close eye on it. Overall chemotherapy seems to have contained any growth in my lungs. As for the rest of me, nothing obvious has shown up on the scan, but this comes with the proviso that there’s a lot of scar tissue and healing going on from surgery, 5 months ago now. 50% of patients having bowel surgery will have a recurrence within 5 years, I don’t want to be in that half even though my overall chances have been greatly reduced due to the secondary tumours elsewhere. Overall I think today’s results are positive, containment has to be seen as good. As for the lung, well I can’t change it can I? Something was interpreted wrong somewhere. As I remember it was Mr. S (surgeon) who advised me of the find, just as I was ready to leave hospital after a rather traumatic 5 days back in March. I shouldn’t have been in so much of a rush to get home, I should have asked more questions to ensure I knew what was going on. Lesson learned.

I was a bit taken aback when Dr. S told me he wanted to carry on with chemo. He didn’t want to jeopardise and future decisions by allowing the chance of any further growth of the tumours. Although disappointed, I can’t disagree with the reasoning behind it. He’s now referred me back to Mr. L (liver surgeon, he’s actually another Mr. S, but if you remember, we’ve got too many S’s.) Dr. S and I agreed that surgery is my best option, and now is the optimum time for getting it done. I’m still relatively young and hopefully strong enough to undergo what will be more major surgery within a year. Mr. L is away next week, so the first opportunity to consider the options will be an MDT meeting on 19th September, the day before I’m booked in for further chemo and a further consultation with Dr. S. By that time everyone will have had a chance to study the MRI and hopefully reach a decision. Dr. S thinks I’m an ideal candidate for surgery, but then again he won’t be making the final decision, but I’m glad he’ll be having his input at the MDT.

I could speculate for ages, still lots of options on the table, and until I’m told otherwise I’m taking the CT result as positive. I know it’s only half the story, the rest will become clearer once the MRI results are in.

And so chemo carries on, I thought this would be the last one. I must admit to being a little disappointed at this, I wanted a break at least, but I have to be guided by others far more knowledgeable than myself.

The more important results from the CD purchases is in. Eminem (the CD not the DVD), I did have, another one for the duplicate pile. Weezer – Pinkerton, I didn’t have, (thanks to M) wish I had bought it, unless Lew did? Linkin Park- Meteora. Lew’s “you’ll like this” recommendation, right as usual, loving it.Foo Fighters-Wasting Light. They seem to have taken all the bestest bits from previous albums, resulting in a really really brilliant album. I hate it that Grohl always seems to get everything right. Well hate seems a bit strong doesn’t it, I’m envious, he’s a real genius, master of his art. I should have listened to Lew and bought it 6 months ago when it was released.

I’ll keep it short for a change, no further news on the health front until 20th, so I’ll have to think of something adventurous to blog about in the meantime.

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