The Magic Numbers

No, I don’t like the Magic Numbers, they were just what I thought they were, one hit wonders. Well ok, they might have had more than one, but they were never going to last. I said that when I first heard them, and I was proved right. Anyway, that’s enough about them, this blog isn’t about them*. I was chatting online to another cancer victim, she said “enjoy your week”. I jokingly replied “….if I can fit it in around my hospital appointments”  It was a particularly busy week. She told me the total number of hospital appointments she had in a year, which astounded me, but made me check on exactly how many appointments I had.  So here are the magic numbers since diagnosis in Aug 2011.

28 home visits (District Nurses/physio/Macmillan etc.)

49 days on chemo (35 oral 24 intravenous)

5 visits TO the district nurse

68 Hospital appointments

25 days of radiotherapy

21 Days in hospital

3 ultrasound scans

2 CT PET Scans

2 colonoscopies

11 visits to GP

4 MRI scans

8 CT scans

3 x-rays

1 tired body

That does not take into account the endless days of feeling nauseous. Unable to get out of bed due to the fatigue, generally feeling rubbish, number of blood tests and needles in my arm, or the amount of time chasing up appointments, prescriptions or results. Just going by the hospital appointments alone, I’ve travelled 2720 miles. So when someone says to me “enjoy your week”, you’ll excuse me if I have a quiet laugh to myself.

* OK so I’ve been caught out ! Sometime in between 1 and 4 bottles of wine, in the early hours of Saturday morning, after tripping over a guitar stand, and getting tangled in wires and cables attached to my laptop. Whilst looking for The Maxibons CD, I came across it. Yes I had it all along. I can’t quite fathom out why. It must have been cheap in a charity shop or something. Or someone has planted it on me. The sticker on the front tells me it won a Mercury prize. It must have been a bad year. It contains “ the hit single Forever Lost”. No I don’t remember it either, and I’m not going to play it to check. OK I had The Magic Numbers CD. It’s been rectified now, removed from the CD rack and placed on the pile of duplicates. Look out Lew, it might be coming your way.

I had a visitor over the weekend. She got me horrendously drunk, kept me up until sunrise the following morning, and left me with aching sides from the laughs we had. Pretty much the same as the last visit. Good preparation for my pre-med tomorrow. I might post a photo here, if and when she sends it to me. I’m only posting this because she said she’d ridicule me over The Magic Numbers CD. There, I’ve got it in first    🙂

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