All Systems Go

There always seems to be a parking space outside the vintage shop, which is both convenient and expensive. Convenient because of the parking space, expensive because I always end up buying something from the shop. Today it was another jacket, and a small glass bottle. I don’t need the jacket, I cant even hang up the one’s I’ve already got, my wardrobe is bulging, but it is a nice jacket. The bottle just had to be bought for a pound. It’s clear, and not blue, but I’ve paid ten times that for similar, so couldn’t really leave it there for that price.

“I had you in mind when I was labelling the jacket it and hanging it up”said the girl in the shop. I didn’t want to disappoint her.

I’ve added to the blue bottles again, a tour of the charity shops in Uppermill last weekend resulted in two other new bottles, a camera tripod, and a large storage jar for Deb.

After a period of relative calm since finishing chemotherapy, all of a sudden everything seems to be happening again. I went for my pre-med earlier this week. All the usual tests, ECG , bloods, BP, chest, temperature, weight, height, and endless health questions, the answers to which might indicate I was in the best of health. Another meeting with Debbie (CNS) brought home the fact that this was of course, not the case, as again we went through the operation and what I could expect afterwards. I was glad to have the opportunity to speak to Debbie again, the chance to ask the questions I forgot the last time we met. It’s all too easy to get distracted and side tracked. In particular, the reason for the wait until the effects of Avastin to leave my body. Mr. L wants to wait the full 10 weeks before proceeding with surgery, that takes me to the 28th November.  The Avastin has left my liver as a lump of green jelly according to Debbie. It needs the full 10 weeks to recover, surgery now would result in disintegration and probable fatal bleeding. I’ll wait the full 10 weeks thank you. As of Tuesday, we were still waiting for a response from the thoracic side, as to whether they consider the lungs operable. Two calls whilst I was present still couldn’t get the response we were waiting for, but Debbie said we should proceed with preparations for surgery. Mr L wanted more scans to ensure he had up to date images of the liver. Even still, no matter how much we think that technology gives us the answers and images to enable precise plans for surgery, the truth is that surprises can still be encountered once the surgeon has commenced the procedure, it is not uncommon for multiple tumours or even worse to be found once surgery has commenced. I’ve always asked that nothing be hidden from me, I can’t complain that this is the case.

The phone call I have been awaiting came the following morning, Debbie phoned with the news that the lung surgeon had given the OK. It’s now all systems go. The earliest date that liver surgery can go ahead is 28th November. It’s more likely to be December 5th. That’s the date I’m working towards. Scans and MDT meeting mid November will confirm this, providing nothing goes wrong between now and then.

The same day I received a call regarding dental work. Providing my blood count has recovered enough, the offending tooth will be extracted Friday morning. In a way this is more of a relief than the liver surgery.  This is probably going to be one of the easiest extractions in history. The offending tooth is barely hanging on, the last few days have made it difficult to eat anything that isn’t liquid. It brings back memories of childhood. I’m looking forward to eating something more substantial over the weekend.  I wonder if the tooth fairy will be bringing me a Chinese takeaway? The dental appointment has meant a quick re-arrangement of my appointment with the district nurse to flush my line through. The appointments are like gold dust so I was grateful for all the work and calls to other patients that enabled my appointment to be brought forward tomorrow to enable me to get the line flushed before a mad dash across greater Manchester to enable me to get to the hospital on time for the dental appointment. Just when you think it’s going to be impossible, someone pulls out all the stops to make sure it happens. Thank you.

The Mercury Prize winner is announced tonight, perhaps the most important awards in the music business. Plan B, The Macabees and Django Django are all strong candidates, each deserving the award in their own right, but my own favourite would be Jessie Ware. She has a tentative Manchester link (and I know her uncle) and the more I hear, the more I like her music, but I fear Alt-J will be the winners. I saw them earlier this year. It’s unusual for me to take an instant dislike to a band, but I just could not get into their music. Maybe it’s a sign I’m getting old.

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  1. I don’t like to say I told you so, but……….

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