Please Place The Item In The Bag

I awoke reasonably early in anticipation of the day ahead. District nurse then a mad rush to the hospital to get my tooth extracted. I was sitting up in bed thinking how I was going to brush my teeth without disturbing the loose one, which was now quite painful whenever it moved. Then ‘plop’. Without notice, and unassisted, I suddenly felt the tooth floating about in my mouth. It was out ! All that time I had waited to have it extracted, then on the morning it was planned to do so, the problem was solved on it’s own. I could hardly believe it, no pain, no bleeding, just a gap and a souvenir for the tooth fairy.

Best laid plans and all that. All the trouble people went to, to re-arrange appointments to suit me. I was sure there was no problem with the tooth, it came out in one piece, in fact it looked in near perfect condition. But I had better get it checked out, and so still had to keep the hospital appointment. I still had to have my line flushed of course. For a few minutes I thought that was going to be a problem, as the first draw on the syringe produced nothing. Oh no, I can do without this.  Another tentative draw and nothing. A few arm contortions and neck twists later and thankfully the blood was flowing. A quick clean up, flushing with heparin and sodium chloride and we were finished. Boss DN put her head around the door. “I saw you were in and just popped in to see how you are?” Ahhh, how nice. We got off to a bad start Boss DN and I after she gave me a few telling off’s all those months ago. 7 months now, hard to believe. Since then we’ve got on really well. She’s really nice, sincere and caring. I gratefully accepted her offer of her arranging my next appointment. Far easier than me negotiating with the receptionist and being told “there’s no appointments”. No sooner had I got into the car when Boss DN phoned, next appointment sorted.

The traffic was kind to enable me to arrive at the hospital in time for my appointment. I explained my predicament to the nurse when she collected my file from the reception desk. She ushered me into the treatment room and was soon greeted by the dental surgeon, grateful that I had given him a spare half hour. He checked my gums, the tooth and everything was ok. The gum had healed already, no sign of any bleeding or inflammation. Perfect result. He was interested in my treatment for cancer, and wished me well for the forthcoming operation, and off he went to enjoy his unplanned coffee break.

I stopped off for breakfast in the Village tea Rooms on the way home. I do wish he’d be a bit more generous with the black pudding, could do with being sliced a bit thicker, but other than that a perfect full English. Far less  hassle than cooking it myself. I nipped into the local supermarket to pick up a few essentials, only to find one checkout open with a queue that went halfway back up one of the aisles, and two of the four self service checkouts out of order. I queued for the self service, it seemed the best option. My patience was already being tested by the time it was my turn.

“please place the item in the bag”

It’s already in the bag!  Awaits staff member to over-ride the check-out.

“please await a member of staff”

Second item, what’s the problem this time. No member of staff to be seen anywhere. Oh there he is, chatting to the woman on the tobacco kiosk.

Third item, “please await a member of staff”

Again, I looked round, blood reaching boiling point by this time. OK so I didn’t exactly wait long, but again the self service supervisor was nowhere to be seen. With that I’d had enough. I left the whole damn lot and walked out of the store.  I’m sure those in the queue behind me were equally furious, as they still had to await a member of staff to clear the checkout and remove the goods I left on the side. You would think by now these self service check-outs had been perfected. The least a customer can expect is that they work, or a member of staff is there to assist when they don’t. There was only one of six staffed check-out’s open. The self service checkouts were clearly not working. Reduce costs by all means, but it’s not exactly cheap anyway. I can get my shopping cheaper almost anywhere, I use it for convenience, and when it stops being convenient I’m stopping going there. I swear I won’t use the shop again. (I probably will, and they know it.) For a store to be “co-operative”, you have to have staff that will co-operate.

Mrs. Mop had been whilst I was out, so at least the place was spick and span. She had left me some sort of Greek pie in the fridge, so dinner was sorted. I made a coffee and sank into the armchair to watch the lunchtime news. I awoke two hours later, cold coffee still on the table beside me, and a stiff neck. Oh well, at least I didn’t have tooth ache.

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