Here we are again ! A number of things have contributed to the lengthy period since my last entry. I am sorry to report that after a long illness my laptop eventually died. Don’t worry, it’s been a long illness and I’ve been nursing it for a long time, but everything has to come to an end sooner or later. The only person to suffer from all this is me, for failing to back up important files. Not the first time in my life I’ve made this blinding error, so I’m neither surprised or devastated. The exception is most of my photographs, I say most because I lost most of the important one’s in my life a few months ago when I failed to retrieve them from Kodak when they closed their website a few months ago. The other thing is illness, my own. Yes I know I’ve got cancer, but as usual it’s the side effects, in my case a depleted immune system. A ‘cold’ I had 3 or 4 weeks ago has come back to haunt me. For a few days last week I was waking with a very heavy feeling in my chest, and a notable difficulty in getting my breath. No cough, no real pain, just a lack of breath. As I was going to the surgery anyway (blood test) I thought I’d try and get an appointment to see the doctor. I’m still amazed at how helpful the receptionists are at the surgery, compared to a couple of years ago, when you had to plan your illness a least a week in advance to be able to get to see your GP. No longer a problem. I got an appointment straight away, no questions asked. The doctor asked questions obviously, listened to my chest, and sent me away with a prescription for antibiotics to fight the chest infection I seem to have acquired. The inevitable diarrhoea follows the antibiotics, and the exhaustion of dealing with that for 24 hours before the loperamide kicks in.

The breathing improved within hours of me taking the antibiotics, I need to get rid of this quickly if it’s not going to affect the timing of my impending surgery. On that front, the MDT following my latest scan was held last week and there is nothing to stop surgery going ahead now (they don’t know about the chest infection yet). It’s reassuring that chemo seems to be still working some 8 weeks since I had my last dose, in that the tumours on my liver have reduced slightly in size. We’re only talking millimetres here, but at least it’s in the right direction and not spreading. The tumours on my lungs remain unchanged. No matter how much positive news you get, there’s always something at the back of my mind that makes me think that there could be things going that can’t be seen. I know that CT and MRI scans can only show so much, they rarely show tumours growing deep inside an organ, and I only hope that when they do open me up, things are no worse than expected. I’m not too bothered by the right side, that’s all coming out anyway, but it would be a disaster if they found further spread on the left side. They’re already removing just about the maximum they can if my liver is to recover, anything additional discovered now would seriously jeopardise my chances of recovery.

At least, and at last I have a date for surgery. 12.12.12. Those of you who know the Mayan calendar will know the relevance of the date……..THE END OF THE WORLD. Yeah I know it’s another one, but sooner or later someone’s going to be right. Maybe I’ll wake up to find I’m on my own ! The date for surgery is subject to there being an HDU/ICU bed available and I won’t know that until the day of planned admission. There’s also the question as to whether I’ll be home for Christmas, not that it bothers me. In fact it would be nice to kept away from TV for the duration. I’ve already had my Christmas lunch, thanks to my lovely sister. We met up in Matlock the other day and spent a pleasurable few hours scouring antique shops. I could have, and would have spent a fortune had I the room to put anything. In the end I settled for a few more blue bottles. In hindsight I wish I had bought the flying helmet too. Just another hat to add to the mounting collection I already have.

Today I’m on a mission to buy a bird table. My gift to the little robin that has made a home in my garden. I think we’re down to just the one now, it flies down to sit on top of my bin as soon as I open the back door in the morning now. Talk about ‘bird brain’ there’s nothing small brained about this little creature. I’m convinced it knows who I am and follows me around the garden waiting for me to put out food and fresh water for the day. Once it’s had it’s little belly full it then seems to invite other birds to share in it’s feast. Somehow it sends out a call as the other species descend all at once. I must remember to get Mrs. Mop to put out food whilst I’m away, can’t have them missing their Christmas dinner.

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3 Responses to 12.12.12

  1. Awww how sweet, Mr Robin 🙂
    I’ve not read any blogs in a while so just caught up with you in this one. I have everything crossed that 12.12.12 goes well for you. You really are an inspiration xx

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