A Little Bit More

OK, so I can’t get away with just posting about the winter Olympics. Even if there is nothing really to update. Well nothing out of the ordinary anyway. I’m getting used to the fentanyl, just about. I’m falling asleep at the most inconvenient times, including part way through eating my dinner the other day. I’m assured my body will get used to it, and the lethargy and tiredness will gradually diminish. As an analgesic it’s great, much gentler on my digestive system, which was the original intention. On the downside, it doesn’t mix very well with alcohol, although my tolerance for alcohol was pretty low in the first place. I can live with that. 

Visits to The Christie continued with an investigative procedure involving a camera and my urinary system. I won’t go into detail, but it felt more like a full BBC outside broadcast unit than just a camera. It proved nothing more than what was already suspected, damage from surgery. I also had my MRI scan, nothing new, same procedure. Not a problem having an MRI but I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to them. Other than that it’s waiting time again. Waiting for the results from the MRI. Another 10 days or so before I go back to see Dr. S for those results, so until then…that’s all folks. 

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2 Responses to A Little Bit More

  1. Hope all goes well for you now. I go in next week for my fourth surgery, this time lung mets. Feeling really scared but have been told that I really do need to have it done. SandyL.

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