Nearly…but not quite

In the last few months I have tried many times to publish a blog, as you will have gathered, to no avail. The longer time has gone on, the more it has become clear to me that I just cannot continue. Since treatment has stopped the harder it has become to carry out basic tasks, including typing on a normal keyboard. For reasons yet to be discovered, one of the most debilitating side effects has been muscle cramps, not only has it stopped me driving, but more importantly even the task of spreading my fingers to use a keyboard is enough to send the muscles in my hands into spasm. There is no doubt that my health is rapidly deteriorating, and that will continue in the forthcoming weeks, and hopefully months. I will try to post medical updates when I can, but for the time being at least, MY BLOG ENDETH HERE.

I would like to thank the thousands of people who have read my blog, and the many who have taken the time to contact me, or just leave a comment. I would never have guessed when starting out, that it would impact on so many, and I hope, helped those of you who have been touched by bowel cancer since I began. Remember, despite my own experiences Bowel Cancer is 100% curable if caught early.

For the time being, ciao, adios and all those other cliché words, it’s goodbye from him xx xx xx

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4 Responses to Nearly…but not quite

  1. Dear Chris, I am so sad to read this. We have gone through so much together blog wise and cancer wise and I am really sorry cancer is robbing you off something you are so bloody good at and obvioulsy love. I will miss your email popping into my inbox with another update very much but know I am thinking if you often and thank you for the musical education as well as the laughs on the way. I hope you have many months left of painfree life and can see the spring return to your lovely garden. And I most of all hope that you realise from everyone you have touched that you have most definitely NOT had a wasted life. Thank you for sharing so much with us for so long and much love and peace. Rach x

  2. So sorry Chris. I really enjoy your blogs, I know it sounds very selfish but they have helped me so very much. Just wish I could return the favour. You’re in my prayers. Love Sandra xx

  3. alec357 says:

    It’s hard to know what to write without sounding overly saccharine. You’ve been an inspiration, as a genuine lover of good music over the years I’ve known you, to refusing to give in and fighting through these past few years.

    Goodbye Chris, it’s been an honour.

  4. linds says:

    Going to miss your posts, Chris. Best of luck with everything, hope you get to fill the rest of your time with as much good stuff as you can. I’ll be thinking of you x

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